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December 07, 2008


Big Dot

Thank God you were in a separate room and hence, even to a paranoid brain, totally unimplicated in the offence. Apart from, presumably, having bought the evil bedding in the first place.

Big Dot

By the way, I'm still snorting over the mental picture of Gary flipping himself out of bed.


I have a major migraine and I'm LMFAO. Did you check for any glass embedding itself anywhere?


Perhaps you could have convinced him it was all a lucid dream? "Just climb back in bed and finish the dream, Dear."


Poor man. A true victim of the bed-comforter conspiracy!


LOL - I can see my husband doing something like that. He's always blaming the inanimate objects.


HAHAHAHAHA Don't you just love male logic?!?


I knocked myself out of our (too high) bed last week because of a cat. I blamed the cat for a couple of seconds, since we all know our beloved felines are conspiring to kill us, but then I realized, no, it was my own damn fault.

I didn't think about blaming the comforter.


I think I have used this once already but do you get hazard pay for being married to a man?


What? He didn't claim that you caused it from the next room with your telekinetic abilities?

I am so lucky that Santa is quite low maintenance.


Big Dot - It was unspoken, but since I bought the high bed and the comforter, I am the mastermind.
3 - Oddly, he did say "I stepped on a piece of glass." Probably because that was obviously my fault, he didnt have to blame the glass.
~Silk - Genius!
Suebob - So tonight I was driving into the garage and saw him mopping up a puddle of cappucino next his car. "STUPID LIGHT CAME ON" he yelled in explanation. Stupid light made him drop the cappucino.
magpie - Okay, I'm keeping a list. Evil bed (Night of the Evil Bed!), comforter, garage light.
stljoie - Male logic is an oxymoron in Gary's case.
Sherri - It's ALWAYS the comforter.
.75 - What's the hazard? Like, the man might fall on you?
Zayrina - God, what I would do with telekinetic abilities.


Queen - I thought the hazard was obvious...dealing with the insanity.


.75 - HE isn't the one who has been diagnosed with a mental illness. Or do you mean to suggest he caused my insanity? Could be.


Queen - His diagnosis is that he is male. Unfortunately, no cure has been found yet.

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