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December 09, 2008


Big Dot

I'm on your side really, but you have to admit, there are an awful lot of shows where the man is the idiot - from the Simpsons up, and even the ads in between. Maybe they could be allowed the occasional chance to even things up.


"Why is there a show devoted to stupid women?"

Check VH1's line-up. Or Oxygen's. There are many, many shows devoted to stupid women.


Which is why you should just watch L Word instead. There's a few high-powered types! heh


More over, there are many shows devoted to perfectly intelligent women who have been taught to act stupid.

Men do not really like intellectual challenges when sex is on the line.

Amy in StL

I like the Girls Next Door, it's my only reality show guilty pleasure. However, I have to admit to not watching it since my boyfriend of two years dumped me because I was arguementative (didn't doe-eye his every comment), was constantly trying to push my opinions on him (had my own opinions and actually shared them), AND was too unattractive (fat) for him to have sex with anymore (even though I've lost 30 lbs and gained muscle from working out weekly). He (according to his friends who were glad to see me out of the relationship and who tried to warn me two years ago that I wasn't his type for the aforementioned reasons) wants a girl like one of those three who is pretty, skinny, blonde and is a yes-woman. Yup, I didn't do any of those well - except the first one, I'm hot!


Amy - what is the name and location of this would-be man? He must be summarily dealt with. I think Silk, QM and I should converge on his place of residence and irradiate him with our intelligence. Although I am not a Mensa member like SOME people are, I think I could still blast him.

No, really, he sounds like a complete prick and believe it or not, you are well rid of him.


Big Dot - True. There was a whole "Man-bashing" backlash there for a while.
Kathy - Like the Real Housewives shows? I dont even look at the promos for that.
.75 - You aren't getting that back Weds - I havent started yet. But you will get it back by late Jan. Is that OK?
Sherri - But then why do we? Perhaps because men are so easy anyway? Someone should write "The Rules" for men.
Amy in StL - To quote BNL - "Beauty disappears, boredom lasts for years."
Becs - Yes. We should make him cry.


Queen - Season 1 is yours until some random person says they want to see it. So in other words you can have it until whenever you finish.

Am I going to see you today? I haven't heard back so I'm started to assume no.


Sorry for the poor grammar...I clicked Post before I was ready and was in mid-changing of tense.


.75 - I'm still intrigued by the L word. Shane, you say?

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