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December 24, 2008



I usually juts feel headache-y after a so-called good cry.

"A majority of the volunteers reported improvements in their mood after a crying session, possibly from receiving social support during their episode. "

Growing up, I never got that. The message (at home and especially at school) was "Don't cry."


Gone are the days when a good cry felt cleansing to me. The last time I even got close to one, I wound up having an anxiety attack and rushing to the emergency room. Now I leak a little from time to time but the days of The Big Cry are gone.

Still, I encourage those that it works for to give in and let 'er rip.

Only natural. Hugs.


I feel worse after I cry so fuck that.

Hot Mom

I'll join you in the crier section. The heathens kept asking me if my mom's hair grew really long after she died yesterday. I started crying.


PS - I watched "Dumbo" after my mom died. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Don't do it. Don't even go see "Marley & Me."


There's no intellectualizing grief, hon. You miss your mom. Cry. Cry as long as you want.


The first of everything after my parents died was really hard. I can say it gets easier. It still sucks, but it's easier. ::shrug::

Mrs. Hall

Well, my heart does go out to you.

Perhaps a sad movie? Something dark (Schniendler's (sp) List?) House of Sand and Fog was a downer of a book, can't imagine it is a uplifting movie.

So yeah, spend time crying, all part of what we are as people.

Merry Christmas

Mrs. Hall


I am a cryer, a big, sloppy cryer, and I don't feel anything but headachy afterwards, usually with sore eyes. I never seem to get to that "good cry" stage.

Today I got teary over kittens and puppies and not having my Dad around again for Christmas and because it is cloudy and all sorts of reasons. Feh.

Not that I won't offer the tissue box to anyone else willing to indulge. Maybe we will watch An Affair to Remember tonight. That's sort of a Christmas Movie.

Overflowing Brain

Ouch. The holidays are the worst.

If it makes you feel any better, I got declined for a loan twice in 2 days. Not that that is in anyway equal to mourning the loss of your mom, but it definitely sucked.

And also, completely unrelated (you can label this comments as "stream of consciousness") I have a bunch of foot MRIs. I don't suppose you need anymore art for the medical decorations?


Cry. I would. I did today for less.


::Hugs Caroline::


Kathy - Is your family German? I heard German women in particular are not supposed to cry.
Becs - Yep. Maybe the healing powers of the Big Cry fade with age.
.75 - I feel worse after exercise, and some people say that's the way to cope with problems.
Hot Mom - Awwwwwwwww, MAN. I'm sorry.
Becs - Nooooooo. Nor Bambi.
3 - Nope. Having a great Hanukkah.
Candy - This is what I hear. That means I been poast all the firsts except for first New Years and first Groundhog Day and first Valoentine's Day, which inGary's family is a big Mom Day.
Mrs. Hall - Thank you. Now that I think of it, what should have been a really great cry about mom was interrupted - by mom - demanding that I get back to the hospital right then. I tend to get my most purging best cries after a breakup or a job disappointment.
Sherri - Gary has decided "Enchanted" is a Christmas Movie, so that's what's on.
Overflowing Brain - Man - did the foot MRI give any results?
Caroline - Was today In-law Christmas?
3 - : Group Hug! :


I watched a movie last night and this little girl dies of cancer, which was a complete subplot and caught me off guard.

Totally.Fucking.Lost it.

My eyes still hurt this morning.


In-Law Christmas was last weekend. It didn't make me cry so much as shake my head.

Yesterday I was on stltoday.com and saw a video of a former military guy reuniting with his now-grown daughter from Germany. He and the mother divorced when the girl was a child and the mother had cut off all contact when the girl was 7. His new wife found her through MySpace and invited her and her son to the U.S. for Christmas. The video included the airport reunion. I lost it.


Oh yeah. And this happened at my desk at work.


.75 - What movie? My Girl? I think the little girl dies of cancer.
Caroline - Oh! That's right! I forgot ... No more music radio for you either.


I thought the little boy got stung to death in My Girl?

In any case you are not alone. He's something from down under: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/09/07/1062901937647.html


Zayrina - Oh. That could be. Only .75 knows for sure then. And thank you for that link. It made me feel good enough to get Moms letters out of the closet and into the guest room.


I cried again today. This time it was while watching the big finale of Sister Act 2 where the kids sing in the state competition. I'm officially a lost cause.


Caroline - It's only going to get worse. Why would you watch Sister Act at this of all times?

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