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December 28, 2008


Hot Mom

Ah! That was awesome. Thank you.


Misty, watercolor meeeemmmmories...




Hot Mom/ 3 / Caroline - you all lived it. You don't need a retrospective.


I think you all should just "keep up" already! Snooze you loose!


Dammit "lose".

This thing needs an EDIT button!


I feel like I tell you I laughed everytime I come by...even though I know I don't. And sometimes I laugh and don't tell you because I think I tell you that too much. Tee hee hee.


.75 - Harsh!
Autumn - No, I need to know. If it weren't for you how would I have known my pain brought such joy?


Queen - Don't you think everyone should revolve their day around reading your blog?


Okay - since I just laughed at that whole concept - does this post become #74?


.75 - Ha - Gary just said "You got to see a lot of movies in '08. But ... really ... just the lesbian ones."
Magpie - I'm so surprised by what people think is funny. I pour out my heart and my pain and my suffering, and I get "ROFL!" I need Google Analytics to track what people find funny.

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