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December 28, 2008



I'm certainly glad you made it official. I've participated by sleeping until noon yesterday and 11 today. I'm going for one (that's PM, baby) tomorrow.


In my family, we call that bi-polar. Happy Sleeping Day!


Shania - Sadly, I have to go to work tomorrow. Sleep away.
3 - Hey. I've been cleared of that charge.


Queen - You should have made the holiday more official so I could have had Friday off to celebrate. I was so wiped I went to bed at 10:30pm Friday night.


I'm usually awake at 3 am with a lot of energy. But then again, my husband and I both work third shift. What is really odd is being awake at 9 in the morning and having a lot of energy.


.75 - Could we get Obama to make it a Federal holiday? He's cool. He'd do it.
ScottieDawg - I can;t imagine going to sleep just as the charities and telemarketers start calling!


Oh wow, that'd be great. Now, how to convince my visiting parents and three year old niece that this would be a Good THing...


JaneB- Hi JaneB! And I love your remark on your blog that you could make S.M.A.R.T. New Years resolutions. I know all my TeddyJ friends can relate.


Thank you for establishing this holiday, I'm taking you up on it. My observance of it may morph from two days into, say, a month, but I'll still call it Sleeping Day, and consider myself impressively committed to important holidays.


Greenwords - For you and all of Australia, I decree Sleeping Month. It tickled me to read your post begining "On a humid, overcast Summer day in December."

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