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December 31, 2008



Well I feel special that I made your meme list of 2008.

For the record, I did want to say that eating sushi and then seeing a movie at the Tivoli (among lesbians) is usually an event reserved for birthdays. So I hope you feel pretty special you got all that on some random Wednesday.

And I have no confusion about your sexuality. :)

2008 did blow monkey chunks. But I'm still waiting for a year not to blow monkey chunks. Just hope that some of the year blows monkey chunks a little less than most.


You are one funny lady!



Here's hoping '09 is a better year for everyone! *hugs*


#23 made my day.


.75 - "Monkey chunks" will be peppering my conversations in '09.
Hattie - Hi Hattie! Aha! You are the one who came in through Alpha Inventions. Yeah, what is the deal with that site? It kind of scared me with its randomness and its expectation I knew Japanese.
Angie - I learned a new word!
Magpie - I won;t even tell you what Gary and Dave think of her. I was astonished by the hostility.


Here's to 2009!

And as much as a year sucked, it's always better with friends, even if they are heartless cows. Awww....


Caroline's right: 2009 will be better with Heartless Cows [tm]. :-)


I wish I could say I've always been a trend setter...heh.


Well, at least you love your husband more rather than less, unlike lots of people. And hmm, friend #69, interesting concept...Will have to consider this at length. In private.
As my brother, Sgazetti of Isoglossia said to commemorate the end of 2005, just following the death of our father, "Bang, whimper, whatever, just go."
Hear, hear.
Whatever else 2009 will bring, January 20 is coming soon.


Caroline - "Urp" - mouth vomiting noise. You are currently sap-impaired, you know that.
3 - Everything's better with Heartless Cows
.75 - Monkey chunks has assonance. I love assonance.
gaoo - So, for the other commenters, Isoglossia is the brother of half of Macbebekin (aka Ellie, I think). The other sister might be Elsa, who might be Gaoo, who also makes homemade cupcakes. I think.

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