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December 14, 2008


Big Dot

So that's where they heard about the WMD. Everything becomes clear...


As my favorite mentor said this weekend, "The definitive source for EVERYTHING."

Amy in StL

So do you think just being part of the Bush administration made him stupid? Because, I used to think he was a smart man.


I would much rather you be the new secretary than what's coming in.Oh.I think I just threw up a little bit.


Big Dot - Ah! And I bet they "posted the evidence" before they told Colin.
.75 - Hey! I've met your mentor.
Amy In StL - You know, the original title of the post reflected that, but it seemed too partisan.
Becs - Why so angry? Why no love for Hill?


Re:Hill. Answer too long to contain here. If you've read Carl Bernstein's bio of her, that's a good beginning. No hate - just immense disdain and distaste.


Queen - OH! hehehe Gail is my lesbian mentor.

I meant my programmer mentor from Reuters. I saw him this weekend and I'd like to think he schooled my current tech leads. I wanted to turn around and say "SO THERE!" but I still have to work with them.


Becs - No, but Gary bought Living History. He's still reading it.
.75 - Ah, snap!

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