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December 15, 2008


Tray Table Stowed

yes. quite happy!

Big Dot

Oh, yes, nice job. Good decision. I was doing exactly the same thing today, so I understand what went into it.


Excellent choice.


LBG - (Snicker.) - Well, yes, but does ithave anything to do with the mat?
Big Dot - you have all my sympathy. All this swapping of mats and frames and cutting of glass is getting to me. But, at least the bedroom and guest room are both all matted and hung.
Meilssa- why thank you, even though I didnt make it myself.


So which one did you choose?


I like number 2. When will it be here? No need to wrap it.


Because my life is all about me, me, me, just wanted to let you know that I've made my blog private. You'll find out why when you get there.


.75 - I did what you all told me to do and used a bigger frame and mat, so #3.
Shania - Don't mess with my head! #2 is no more.
Becs- sent you an email.


Yes, absolutely. Gorgeous. Works very well.


Queen - That wasn't my vote so you were scammed.


SueBob - Thank you. I'm off metal frames, but it's going in an out of the way room.
.75 - sigh.


I've been reading your posts from the beginning recently, ever since I somehow got here from blogography, and you are freaking hilarious!


ScottieDawg! There you are! Big Dot in -----! Well, I wont say where. It freaks people out a little when I think I can tell where they're from with Google Analytics. But welcome.

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