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December 24, 2008



No need to pick her up, she's obviously still with you.


Judibleu - See! HaHAAH! THAT didn't even make me cry!


LOVE IT! I also like that homemade menorah picture too.

I prefer to celebrate BOTH holidays to rake in as many presents and food as possible. Greed is a good distraction...

Although my Christmas was cancelled and I'm now supplying the frozen pizza so I'm 0 for 2 this year. OH well.


Enjoy your 8 crazy nights.


.75 - Thank you! I had to look up how to light the candles for the 24th. I hope it's right. Gary also criticized me for blowing out the candles.
Caroline - Well, I think there are only a few left.

Hot Mom

Happy Hanukkah!


Queen - That was right...Sunday was night #1 so you just count the nights. :)

Normally if you had Hanukkah candles, they burn for about 30 minutes and you're done but I don't think you want to wait all day and night for the tea candles to go out.

Hanukkah is not a super serious holiday that you're doing anything horrible.

The candles I found at Dierberg's (Poo to Schnucks) were only 99 cents. But that's only good if you have a menorah.


Hot Mom - Google says, "A sheynem dank!"
.75 - Gary and I were just talking about Schnucks versus Dierbergs for kosher items. I voted Dierbergs because the "berg" sounded like a Jewish name, but then he protested the "Sch" sounded Jewish, then we realized he has a Jewish name then. We are idiots.


I'm pretty sure Schindler wasn't Jewish, so best to abandon that line of thought.


Funny, you don't look Jewish. But welcome to the Tribe anyway. Six candles tonight, my until-very-recently goyim friend.


Genius indeed.


Caroline - Yeah, on second consideration I'm pretty sure my last name doesn't start with "Sch." Wait. Oh, yes it does. Seriously I had to check that out. I really donlt know hoe to spell my name.
3 - I tried making a potato-chip pecan sandies recipe that I found amongst the other Hannukah recipes at www.noblepig.com and they were bad. My goy is showing. I think I'm re-goyed.
Magpie - Hope you're okay.


OHHH! Now I get it! thank you!


gaoo- Gary has been saying my posts have been too obtuse lately.

Oh, by the way, I think the other recipe I got from noble pig was great. Not mocking noblepig here.

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