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December 18, 2008


Big Dot

Mmmmm, gooey and buttery and totally edgy...kkkk. No, rhgrghrgh. No, ach ach ach. (Damn that sound is hard to write!)

That mini Bundt pan rocks - maybe you just need a Bundt mix to put in it.


I think those baby cakes are CUTE! But they just needed to be slathered in CHOCOLATE SAUCE!

Big Dot

Oh, and just to mess with your head a bit more: I've just got back from my latest attempt at Christmas shopping, wearing a tank top, capris and sandals, and glad about the mall's air conditioning. Though hearing Bing Crosby wittering on about dreaming of a white Christmas messed with my head a little, too. Dream on, mate!


.75 - No. Still bad in sauce. However, Friend 3's lemon bars were great.
Big Dot - I will try it with a Bundt mix for tea. You pay for your flip-flops with Easter in the season of death with no BUNNIES. Wait though - Does NZ believe in the Easter bunny?

Big Dot

Absolutely: in fact, I'm expecting to see Easter eggs in the shops any day now.

And we call them jandals here - did you know we invented them, the rubber ones? Japanese sandals is where the name came from. In Oz they call them thongs, which must get confusing at times.


We had food day today. Do you know it takes two conference rooms, a servery, plus a printer table to hold pot luck dishes for a 70 person department?

It's 10:00 pm and I'm forcing myself to eat dinner. I haven't been hungry in 9 hours, and I'm pregnant. It was quite a meal.


Big Dot - Is Oz Austrailia? We called them thongs for quite a while, then they came up with the underwear, hence flip-flops.
Caroline - we had cookies, cakes, desserts ... and one lonely mexican dip. As our only source of protein it went fast.

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