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December 21, 2008



Having fun at work? That is so not fair.


No kidding. I definitely want to come work with you.


Funnest frickin' Team D meeting evah!


P.S. "Flarp" is now a verb on Team D. "Who flarped?" "Did you just flarp?" "You're flarping in my cube. Could you do that somewhere else?"

All hail the Queen and her gift of Flarp!


Oh God. I remember years ago when Ryan and I worked in the same office and a can of Flarp was brought in. One single can. All the guys were fighting over it, and it made the rounds and finally the president had to make them throw it out the next day because they would just NOT stop using it. It was horrible.

Big Dot

Thanks for solving my Secret Santa present block.


.75 - Wouldn't your current job accept Flarp?
Heidi - Sadly, there is no room in the kennel ... hiring freeze at TeddyJ. Damn economy.
3 - You will be known hereafter as Team Flarp.
Faythe - Yes! I am pretty sure Marcia's cool team leader is going to snap soon.
Big Dot - Do people break wind in New Zealand? Wow. Freaky.


fart. FarT. FART!


Damn. I wish I'd known about this last week.


3 - Shush. Nasty girl.
Caroline - You have a child. Surely you would know about Flarp before I would.


I agree with heidi. No kidding...........

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