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December 16, 2008


Big Dot

I claim being your most distant commenter (in the physical sense).


I love her blog also! She's actually how I found you...well, she and my friend David.


Wow! What a surprise it was to see my picture on your blog! Heh. I am honored to have been your first commenter. If I recall, I think I found you off the TypePad home page under "Blogs Recently Updated." Now I have to get back into blogging more regularly now that you, Super-Great-at-Blogging-Every-Day Woman, have featured me - ME! Muah, grazie, danke, et al.

A few thoughts:

1. I still covet your medicine-themed bathroom.
2. The Queen Mother will always rock my world. I am totally flattered that she liked me. I love that picture of her on her throne you posted.


So there ARE 2 Catherine's that comment? Cause I often got confused....

David Brown

haha, it's Catherine's fault I found your blog to begin with.

No, I promise it is.

No, really, I didn't google "naked cruise" or "toe fetish" or any other such stuff.

Seriously...Catherine's blog.

Big Dot

I found you because I wanted a recipe for bread and butter pudding made with the stale croissants in my fridge. How could I resist when Google suggested your Pimp My Croissant post?

Erin G.

I heart Catherine. (also, it's been a long time -- but I think I started reading your blog because of her blog. You could probably look that up, since you are all about "reconaissance" with your stats.)

Overflowing Brain

I'm not at all sure how I found my way here, but it might have been through Catherine (whose blog I never commented on, which is horrible). Now I'm going to have to wrack my (deformed) brain to figure out how I got here.



I knew about your blog, but I think I was forced to visit more frequently when I asked you at work one day how Doug was doing, and you answered, "Have you read my blog?"


Big Dot - You absolutely are.
Autumn - I knew about the David connection. Oh! A clue! Are your dots near each other?
Catherine - Hi! Can't post every day when you have a busy life what with winning Emmys and whatnot.
.75 - That's why we have Catherine and Catherine the Red.
David Brown - Actually, I completely believe you.
Big Dot - And I made that bread pudding for tea a few years back, too. No idea where the recipe was.
Erin G - Oh, yours freaked me out because I commented, and you wrote back with "Hi Queen!" like you knew me or could see me or something. I think of that whenever I greet a new commenter.
Overflowing Brain - Hunh - somehow I thought I got to you first. Maybe through a Chiari - autism trail, or MovingRight Along?
3 - Oh, I thought that conversation went, "How is Doug?" "Dead. Don't you read my blog?"

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