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December 09, 2008


Big Dot

Well, we have to start with Gary and the evil comforter. (Poor memory? Me? Did you say something just then?)


Hm...how about some sort of narrative - like you're pitching a tv series.

"In a world full of numbnuts and idiots, brave Ellen continues to heap scorn without reservation on the cretins that surround her. With the assistance and sometimes hindrance of her husband, Gary, and the memory of her T. Rex mom, the Queen Mother..."


I'm expecting tomorrow's post to be THE POST OF THE YEAR since we've been counting down to it.

No pressure.


My favorite posts are generally found under the category "In Which We Mock Our Husband..." I'll have to think a little for funny, but two posts stick out:

The one where Gary (via email) justifies the costs of your meds because he's no longer going to tip 20% and the one where you document your trip (to Memphis???) with Disappointed Gary standing in the shower.

Gary is just funny.


You'll have to include the numbered list of friends so that all those signatures make sense.

You definitely need an entry from the hall of TMI.

The creepy fired guy series still gets me.

I'm a huge fan of the Photoshop series of your big photoshoot pic.

And of course you need something where Gary freaks out. Weren't there some good indecisive ones from when you were car shopping?

Now, I can't wait to see the next post. All I had scheduled for today was a bunch of meetings that got cancelled and replaced by a bonus, unscheduled sinus infection. I'm guessing you'll top that.


The heartless cows. Classic.


Big Dot - What? I'm sorry? Who are you?
Becs - Ah, that's a good summary.
.75 - Well ... it had to be anticlimactic.
Christy - I know! Mom said he made the best posts too.
Caroline - Well, no, I don't think I topped a sinus infection, but it was a milestone.

(Oh, and anyone who commented on T Minus 1 must have noticed html name for this page is cmxcix.html, or 999.html)

Mrs. Holly Hall

Um, i am a newer reader but, let's see.

Oh hell ya there are some favorite posts, that I've come across. Um. It would take a bit to find them but I will submit them soon.

The one that comes imediately to mind is the one where you discussed the very cool bright green sticker that said "discard' on it. You liked it so much you put it on your dry erase board. Then the board disappeared. It took you awhile to figure out why.


and sadly, all too recognizable that post. I am of the same predilictions, in this respect.

Hot Mom

"Manbitch" was a classic. And, of course, I like the one where you number your friends.

From the dark side

I've been reading your previous stuff, E. And yes, I've been in prison. Your littermates weren't letting me in on the big secret that is you.


Mrs. Holly Hall - Hi there - we've met, haven't we? And you are right, I like the posts even I dont see coming.
Hot Mom- Really? Mom didn't like 'Manbotch' but she acknowledged the RFT had to find something clean.
Mer, from the dark side - I knew that was you, just as soon as I saw you go straight to the Hall of TMI.

From the dark side....

what can i say? it's like a train wreck...


FTDS - It is, only there's no blood. Anymore.

jessica fantastica

Oh man I love any post with Gary yelling. How can you narrow that down? They're all golden!


Jessica - I think I'll have to do a section of "Gary yelling." I can just do a search on "And then Gary scvreamed like a woman" or "!!!"

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