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December 22, 2008


jessica fantastica

Bennigan's used to serve that sandwich. Sure you weren't there?


Applebee's had that on the menu at least as recently as 2002, but it wasn't as good as the one Katy Station in Columbia had. They went out business, though, so I can't send you west to relive your childhood.


A Monte Cristo sandwich is one of the weirdest foods ever. We had them here in California, too, mostly at cafe-type places. Ham? Turkey? Egg? Jelly? Who thought THAT up?


Mmm, the Monte Cristo. I love that sandwich. I first had it at Andersen's Pea Soup Restaurant in Buellton, CA, when I was wee. Now whenever I go to Disneyland, I get it at the Orleans Cafe (or whatever it's called) in the New Orleans area of the park. They cut the sandwiches into the shape of Mickey's head!


I wonder if that's all I have to look forward to when I get older...really good sandwhiches I had eaten of years past.

Is that like ghost of Christmas past?


They had them at the long gone Consulate on Laclede and Euclid. They served it with honey and it was a great favorite of mine. Yum.

Amy in StL

Have the Monte Cristo at Jilly's Cupcake bar. It's awesome. Srsly, I don't jest when it comes to food.


Um yeah I was totally thinking Bennigan's too...the Monte Cristo was their equivalant of The Whopper or Big Mac...you know, in case you wanted turkey to be "healthy" while you clogged your arteries ;)


Jessica fantastica - Bennigans has never made it to Saint Louis. I didnt know it existed until I travelled to Detroit.
Caroline - Really? On the brunch menu? How did I miss that? Oh, right, I never wake up on the weekends until 2 pm.
Suebob - I didn't realize until I read the recipe that it was supposed to be a breakfast/brunch food - and ham, cheese, and french toast, powdered sugar and jelly are all breakfast foods. But then, why not top it off with maple syrup?
Catherine - Did you read the Bloggess saying that everything in Disneyworld is shaped like Mickey's head, and she was afraid to buy tampons? That killed me.
.75 - It's all we talk about at the nursing home.
Stljoie - Oh! Honey! Because jelly just isnt sweet enough!
Amy in StL - I'll need to google that. I think I've seen that advertised.
Autumn - Isn't it insane? It sounds like a bunch of chefs got together and competed to see who could make the worst food, and this was the Mary-Shelley-Frankenstein winner.


It was on the lunch menu. I remember eating it at lunch while I worked at the C-company.


Caroline - I can't believe i missed that! I was probably just focused on the riblets.

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