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December 18, 2008



I've done the same thing with local strays. We took a pair of boards and put them on edge under the door with an opening in the center. Of course, we have a garage door opener. Once the door was down, the boards did not move, and only very flat, skinny burglars could get in. Worked great. Cats love that stuff.

It's why we have a new house cat.

You are so obliging to rearrange your lives like this.


I feel like this is reason #29387 not to get married.


Sherri- I think we're pussy-whipped.
.75- Well, not everyone has a sister in law.


Teh awesome. You haz it.

Big Dot

I once took some unknown neighbour's friendly cat to the vet to get his untreated abcessed ear seen to, and had to stand there meekly while the vet told me off for not bringing him in sooner, and then I paid the bill. It was my finest hour.

Christmas Eve celebration - what do you do, put out a ceremonial mince pie and glass of sherry for Santa?


How long does it take to celebrate Christmas Eve?


Candy - First off, I am humbled. You all are doing this for good reasons. But, I still think that in Karen's case this is a dangerous thing to do. They aren't her cats. I asked Karen once if possibly they might be someone else's cats, and she shrugged and said "They arent wearing tags." Plus, she carries with her cat-nabbing supplies. If she sees a cat without tags she coaxes it into her car, takes it to the vet and puts it under. Listen, if someone took my Fred when he would make his many escapes and then risked his life with surgery, I would be outraged. But I am telling her about Sherri's suggestion, and I was sorry enought to buy her this:
for Christmas.
Big Dot - I don't know, I think it's a German thing. Gary's father's side is very German.
Caroline - Three hours. So, I guess Gary will have time to shop for me Christmas Eve. He has the whole week off.


I feel like you should write a screenplay or a book...Gary's sister sounds a wee bit..umm...interesting? Yeah. Let's go with that.


Autumn - yeah. Interesting.

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