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November 30, 2008



That is a heart-stopping tale. Truly.


Poor Grandceil! And conversely, polio was also blamed on bad housekeeping and the children being allowed to get dirty.

Emma's mother had three kids - Emma and her two brothers. Emma's mother told her more than once that she never wanted a girl. Emma's brother Luke died when he was 15, hit by a car. Emma's older brother Jon died when he was 28 of a drug overdose. It was two weeks before his body was found.

And now guess who takes care of Emma's mom? And she still tells Emma she never wanted any girls. Emma said she never wanted kids because "they die."

I watched my aunt go through pregnancy after pregnancy, only to have tragic stillbirths or toxemia or the cord in the wrong place. With each pregnancy, she was told her chances of surviving the pregnancy were poor. I never wanted to have kids because they could kill you.

Big Dot

That's so sad, on so many levels, and for so many people. My kids are teenagers now, so I'm not the one to consult about the joys of motherhood. Who knows which way is best? It's a bummer that you can't run life through again with the other option. It's all guesswork, pluses and negatives both ways. Except maybe more stretch marks with kids. Or not, if donuts are your thing...


Magpie - To be more accurate, perhaps an ovary-stopping tale.
Becs - When I watched "Steel Magnolias" I was so ticked at my friends who thought it was sad. "Stupid woman KNEW having a baby could kill her! What is wrong with her? Shes a moron!" (My review was met with silence. I think they think it's romantic to die for a baby.)
Big Dot - See, babies do nothing for me, but teenagers are fascinating.



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