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November 27, 2008



Why were you looking for more deer? Venison for dinner? They seem to be all over the place here, even down in the flats where the po' folk (that would be me) live.

Big Dot

Well of course, what do you expect? You keep a goat tethered by your gate, of course you're going to attract wildlife. Better watch out for those pumas, I hear you never see the one that gets you.


A deer ran right in front of me last weekend on D________. Same crazy deer?

Of course, my favorite was the one I almost hit on Clayton two weeks ago right after passing the "Town & Country Wildlife Corridor" sign. They weren't kidding!


Tell Sarah Palin. Maybe she can shoot it from a plane and fly off as it dies a painful Bambi's-mom death.


Becs - Sure, they are all over the place, but never before in my postage stamp backyard on the other side of the 10x10 slab patio. I thought there might be the rest of the deer pack wandering the streets.
Big Dot - Damn pumas have been everywhere eating the deer scat.
Caroline - You are the Deerslayer! Hitting those rich Clayton deer.
3 - I was thinking deer season must have started. Has it?

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