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November 07, 2008



You mean it isn't curable by orgasms?

Too bad they don't make a vaginal TED hose. Well at least I don't think they do. In any case it is never good to take decongestants for any length of time, it'll give you high blood pressure. (Or so says I.)


Amy in StL

Am I the only one who keeps thinking that it's a good thing you don't wax or shave because it sounds like hairloss is one of the first symptoms!


I think Vap-o-rub would be a distinctly unpleasant lube.

Big Dot

So, could a blockage in the vulvar veins result in a vaginal stroke, then? Hmmm...


Sherri - Well, truly, isnt everything curable by orgasms to some degree? It always makes me feel better no matter what's wrong. Plus, if the problem is that your bloodflow puddles by your venous valves you'd think a good valve-flushing orgasm would help.
Z - Hm. It would have to be something like a balloon I inserted inside my vagina and then expanded until there was constant pressure. And now I wonder why there isnt something like that already.
Amy in StL - Yep. Well, I'm sporting kind of a little crew cut. I'm probably going to start using the dog hair trimmer we never use any more, that way, I can keep a closer eye on things down there.
Magpie - Huh! In an effort to find out what's in Vicks, I read "ecause VapoRub is a topical cough medicine, it may be appropriate for diabetics looking for an alternative to oral cough medicines that may contain sugar." Of course, I thought, "Well maybe it wasnt that odd that Garys Mom fed him Vicks." Then I realized yet again that I am a moron.
Big Dot - What - like half my vagina would work and half would kinda drool on itself?

Big Dot

No, no, I was going for innuendo there, pun, whatever. Literal interpretation - yuk.

Coming to you from somewhere else again for the last time this year. Clue: yesterday I saw a lizard 5 metres long and another just 15 cm.

And I'm having to referee family disputes from several thousand kilometres' distance. I just love that bit.


Big Dot - Chisinau Moldovia!

But more probably Sydney Australia, where 4:30 pm is tomorrow morning.

Big Dot

Near enough - Gold Coast, up in Queensland. Looks like Miami here, or Palm Beach, not like the rest of Australia at all. But surfer dudes everywhere.


Big Dot - Ah! I saw your itty bitty dot, but I dismissed it as a Google search.

Big Dot

You saw me? That's amazing, I've had hardly any computer access at all - like about twice before now. Amazing and a bit scary, Big Sister.


Big Dot - It's not like I know what you're wearing. Besides, you know you can download Google Chrome and be all anonymous.

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