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November 09, 2008


a Toronto dot

Timmy Ho's is one of those places that didn't take anything but cash for a long time to "improve service times". It was very annoying. Now they take mastercard, which works for me, but not a lot of my visa carrying Canadian friends.


We used our Visa all over Toronto without problem. We even used it at Word on the Street book fair. Since credit card companies charge retailers a fee when they accept your card, especially if the retailer doesn't meet a certain quota of charges. Sometimes credit card networks offer discounts or deals to retailers to get their card used more, and these deals can be area specific. (When we were selling jewelry, we took Visa and Mastercard, but not AMEX or Discover because we could not afford their fees).

Of course, the Canadians could just be out to gaslight Gary. I wouldn't put it past them. All that smiling -- they are up to something.


I think I've heard the story already. So it's definitely true.


Toronto Dot (Hi, TD!) - Yeah, we did wonder later what latte-drinking Visa-carrying Canadians did for coffee. For some time Steak-n-Shake was a cash-only establishment too. I never noticed any speedy "service time" either.
Sherri - I've only found one place that wouldn't take credit cards - the now-defunct guitar store by my house.
.75 - True and NOT exaggerated.


I love to read posts about your relationship with your husband. It's always so heartwarming. ;-)


KC - Yes, you too can be married 20+ years someday and yell at each other as we do! Whee!


Actually, we have been married 20+ years, but we don't yell at each other. We do the opposite: we stop speaking and go to our own corner of the room to mope.

Big Dot

Yes. Odd how the admission of being wrong is so unsatisfying, isn't it?


KC - Oh, I'm all done with that. Thats how I grew up. Really doesn't work well with kids, either.
Big Dot - But it's a requirement. It must be said.

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