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November 09, 2008



Oh, please continue to feel happy about these purchases! If you hadn't bought them, they would have ended up in some auction lot and the lady wouldn't have seen someone so happy to get them.

A very, very long time ago, I was in London and ran across an original Mucha print. I think it was either 60 or 600 pounds. Might as well have been 6 million. I still kick myself for not buying it.

And when I was in San Francisco, there were original Disney cells for "Bambi" going for $35 a pop. And original Peter Max stuff for, like, $50. Ack!

Be happy you did this. Really.

Oh - those cabinets are beautiful. Bee-yooo-tee-full.


Yeah, I noticed the cabinets, too. Very nice.

As the economy tanks, there will be great deals for those who can still afford them. It's sad or wonderful, depending on which side of the divide you're on.

(I'm amused to see the dot of The Man right there in the front row.)


Silk - damn, girl, you can see that?


Becs - Well, The Man was the only black man on the entire cruise.
Silk & Becs - Thanks. I do like those cabinets, though they are packed twice as full as they should be since they have Moms stuff as well as mine.

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