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October 03, 2008


Big Dot

My god, have you not seen the video of a black bear standing up and popping a car window with its front paws JUST LIKE THAT? Then CLIMBING RIGHT IN and shredding the seats as it slices through them like butter to get to the food in the boot (trunk)? Good grief!

Did the giraffes' long blue tongues gross you out? They only have the same number of neck vertebrae as we do, you know.


Big Dot - No, but did you not see that the car window is only cracked? I'm not putting out my hand to a giant black bear, sweet though he may seem. I did know that about giraffes, because I watched something called Animals Wild and Uncut (I think) that featured a noisy giraffe fight.

So where is this bear video?

Big Dot

I saw it at the Visitor Centre at Sequoia (A fed bear is a dead bear!) but there must be a YouTube version. I'll have a scout around.

Big Dot

Here you go - FF to about 3min20. Note that the window of this car was open a crack, oh right, like yours. The original old video I saw showed a bear just standing up and leaning on a closed window and it literally popped within seconds and the bear was inside the car ditto.


By the way, it didn't take me all this time to find the clip - I just had to whip out and buy a Lotto ticket to win the record pot of NZ$20million in about an hours' time. It's going to be such a headache, I can see it now.


Baboon lipstick! Ew!


"Zebra do you want some popcorn?"...now THAT'S something you don't hear or say everyday! hehehehe


Big Dot - That is a great video! Thank you. The fact my bear could have just popped the window and reached in makes him friendlier.
Becs - Ewwwwwww! I didn't see it that way. Ugh!
.75 - Oh, like "They have crap on their car" is a cliche.

Erin G.

Yay! What a fun entry! I have to go to Canada to feed popcorn to the baboons now!!


These pictures are AMAZING!

And Canadian rules still apply to Americans, unfortunately. I was caught in a back-seat seatbelt trap literally as my family was pulling away from the Penticton airport curb and we in the backseat were getting settled. $400! I paid it, because the officer intimated that I might never be welcome in Canada again. $400!


Erin G - Weren't you the one who passed on the chance to see the baboons when you were in Toronto? Hmmm?
TasterSpoon - Jeez! I'm glad we drove and didn't get entrapped at the airport curb. Good to know for future reference.

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