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October 02, 2008



I'm secretly freaked out by feet, so I almost didn't make it to the end, but I soldiered on for you.

Hotel looks awesome.


Candy. - feet are a beautiful and natural part of being a woman.


Heh. Yeah, we lucked out this time, so it's worth bragging about. Keri and I have stayed in worse. Actually, a lot worse. No lizards, but non-working showers and stained sheets (which is just creepy). Still, five nights in Cancun for $200? That's amazing. Even if it did smell like crap.


Erin - DAMNittohell. Can I just call Kristy/Keri "AThousandDreams"? I could do that. And, do not underestimate the never-ending smell of crap in Mexico in August.


You could play it like my dad and call all of my friends Emily. Or usual conversation goes like this:

D: How's Emily?
E: Portland Emily or another Emily?
D: The one who's a vet.
E: Oh, that's Kim. And she's a phlebotomist.


keri/kristy/emily/athousanddreams are all acceptable. . . ill answer to any of them

my family/friends from before college all call me Paige which is my middle name which is what everyone called me till i got to college and decided my first name should actually be the name people call me. . .before i had any choice in the matter, my parents decided calling me paige would be easier than keri because kerry is also my dads name and paige keri just didnt have quite the same ring to it

i apologize for the novella


Erin - Gary gives his own nicknames my friends. "Red" "Bird" "Twins" "The black one" "Boots" "Flirt" and Marcia - He did bother to learn Marcia's name.
1KDreams - No, it's a good novella. I enjoyued it, 1K / Paige / Keri

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