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October 27, 2008


Catherine the Red

I know you also have a perfectly good tea kettle shaped purse. Although, it is not exactly practicle, but it is fun to look at. Also, reading this reminded me, I have more to donate to your bathroom. I now also have pictures of my throat surgery you can post.


I had to look up "meme". I still don't think I get it.


0.75, if you break the word "meme" into it's parts, "me. ME!" and means you are spilling up on command all kinds of weird details about yourself. Since most people know more about themselves than about anything else, it tends to make for easy blogfodder. However, it is also done on command, thus putting many a blogger into a conundrum -- how can I enjoy talking at length about myself if someone else is COMMANDING me to do it and also structuring how it is to be done? That goes against the maverick blogger creed.

Your Highness, we have come to a fundamental difference so large it may never be overcome. Red Delicious apples no long resemble apples in flavor so much as they resemble damp styrofoam, as they have been manipulated to ensure they will not bruise while shipping, wax well, and look just like an apple without all the inconvenient apple-like qualities. Granny Smiths are going the same way since they became popular. They are the sour version of Red Delicious.

I'm all about the Galas and the Fujis, but now that I live where actual apple trees grow, I'm learning about new and wonderful apples. Will be melting the caramel soon.


arg! A wayward apostrophe snuck into my ITS up there. BAD apostrophe. Rogue apostrophe!


I don't know where to begin. I am, however, with Sherri on the apple front. I could convert you to Brussels Sprouts though - want a great recipe?


I love your sanitary napkin story. Funny!

I can eat dozens of brussels sprouts. Have some in the fridge right now. Mmmm. Here is a recipe that may change your mind, because it turns them into something quite unsprout like:

Cut bottoms off and cut sprouts in half lengthwise. Lay them down and use your best knife skills to slice them into fine shreds. Melt some butter in a frying pan. Toss the shreds in the butter. Sprinkle with a little lemon juice, put a lid on. Cook over medium for a few minutes. Take lid off. Stir a bit. Toss on some grated parmesan. Put lid on and let cook for another two minutes or so. Salt. Pepper. El Super Yum!!


Re: Apples. It's because they're Washington State apples and they suck. Try to get regional apples. Here the best are NY State apples of any variety.

Re: Brussels Sprouts. Especially good recipe if you omit the BS and put in anything else. Even (gag) cauliflower.

Big Dot

Tch! My teacup is empty! Where are you? And where's Pavlov when you need him?


Catherine the Red - Wha! Throat surgery! Emailing now.
.75 - Um, replace the first "Me" with "La" -It's a cheat when you have nothing to say.
Sherri - Oh I spotted that "it's" instantly. I cut you some slack, though. There but for the grace of God.
Magpie - I really should go to the Eckert's Orchard and pick some apples and buy some fresh cider.
Suebob - Or, you could do the same thing with zucchhinnnnii ( cant spell it, sorry) and skip the bitter brussells sprouts.
Becs - I will pick apples this weekend. Not "I will," I shall.
Big Dot - You are like an hour early - wait - Oh, it's because those damn reoublicans made our Daylight Savings time start on a different weekend now.


Thanks ladies for the more relevant definitions. I actually enjoy directed blogs, which is probably why I gave up on my own blog.


.75 - What's a directed blog?


Queen - Directed blog = meme

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