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October 18, 2008



Did Ben sing "Brick"? It's one of my favorite songs ever. I heard it at 5AM on the way to hospital 8 days before Christmas so it's just really stuck with me.


.75 - Evidently, yes, except his drummer wrote the chorus. I haven't heard it.


You know - this would annoy me. It's rare for me to go to events like this, so to go in expect an artist known for doing A and instead experience Z would piss me off.

This is why I am very grateful to my beloved Bruce Hornsby for tipping off his audiences. If he's playing with The Noisemakers, he's going to rock out, which is good. If he's playing with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, there will be much picking and grinning, which is also good. If he's solo, this is the absolute best, Bruce Nirvana.

However, if he's just playing with two other guys, it will be his jazz which doesn't merely leave me cold but repels me.

Too bad Ben doesn't have a system in place yet.


Becs - you are right! I just went to his site and it identified one show as "THIS is a SOLO show."

And you all are freaking me out with this Twitter-like commenting. Do you have a camera on me?


Yeah, I once saw Ryan Adams like this...total disdain for his audience. I went out to the bar and relaxed til it was over and my friends could come out and tell me how great he was.


Suebob - I think I read in EW that Ryan Adams fans are used to the abuse and feel priveleged to witness one of his meltdowns. All I know is I listened to a track at B&N and it sounded too twangy to me.

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