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October 08, 2008



Yes the draping linens cover the corpse. The placenta doc should be...something...how gross.


Minus the bear and the Bud shirt but with the long red hair? Oh yes.


Did Gary get bored and make a shirt out of labels? Because I don't know why anyone would spend money on that...


Weird, I recently read about that sneaking corpses thing somewhere else, too.

I so wish Gary still had that shirt and could wear it on the cruise.


Dude, that shirt is AWESOME!


Stljoie - Aha! Confirmation. I never knew if I should believe him. Do they ever leave them unattended? Now I want to peek.
Becs - I've never seen him with red hair. He was right though, he did have red hair once. It certainly was thick.
Angie - It was given to him as a gift. He reports there were dresses available for purchase too.
Melissa - Ooo - good suggestion for theme night.
.75 - They made dresses too. Well, they did once. Before you were born.

DeeDee and Irma



DeeDee and Irma - Gary says I should have captioned the photo of him with red hair "Firecrotch."

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