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October 11, 2008



That is awesome.


Apparently it was Friend day at the mall. Hot Mom and I ran into each other at the food court with kids in tow.

I'm sorry you lost the bet. Unless you enjoyed it.


Faythe - I know you must be a victim of spanking.
Caroline -Well I tried to get into it because you know how important attitude is but it still hurt.


Oooooh can't wait to bet something now!


I KNEW it was Smashmouth. YOU WIN!


.75 - I bet there will be a tea scene in The Duchess.
Candy - Well, I had to look it up.

Amy in StL

I didn't know that box springs required covering. Have I been neglecting mine by leaving it uncovered lo these 20 years since I've lived on my own? I always make my bed, so maybe that's why I've never covered my foundation?

FYI: I don't make the bed because I'm anal, I make it because that way I get at least one thing accomplished that day. And some days, I need that one thing so that getting up wasn't a total waste!


Amy in StL - Don't apologize for making your bed every day! Mom did. It's what civilized people do.

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