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October 06, 2008



That is absolutely stunning! I can't believe the difference. I'm plotting a burglary to steal that jacket.




Excellent! I myself am devoted to the vertical line.


I've definitely gotta get me one of those.

Friend #1

Wow. I've heard that structured jackets can create a silhouette, but never before have I acutally witnessed it. Lookin' good Queen.


Do you unbutton when you sit down too? I've found unless I'm in an interview, I have to unbutton a bit when I sit with a jacket.


Ah, you've found a jacket with the right "stance". Structured clothes create shape.

I have a two button version of the magic jacket, only it stops at my hips to maximize my leg line.

I watch far too much "What Not To Wear".

Question to the world -- why, in the world of large size women's fashions (I'm talking in the 16-24 sizes) can you get color ONLY in the cheaply made Walmart shit or the VERY EXPENSIVE stuff? If it's in the middle price and quality-wise, it's black, grey, or white! WHAT'S UP WITH THIS!??


Wow, what a difference. I'm learning something here from your fashion tips...

...I really, really, really want to pick that marker up off the floor, though. It's driving the Virgo in me CRAZY.


That's amazing. I'm in complete awe over here!

Sherri - I have no idea, but it's crazy-making, isn't it?

(And I had to go back and see what marker Christy was talking about - dude, my perception scores are loooowwww.)


I never expected I'd receive fashion advice here. And SOUND fashion advice, as well. You never cease to amaze me.


Wow. Just Wow. That jacket is hot enough to make men stop looking at your toes.


Shania - NO! I will defend it to my death. It's magic.
~Silk - Well, fish-eye hourglass.
Becs - I was rocking the Chicos / Doris Roberts vertical line for a while there.
Heidi - I think it's one of those essentials everyone should have.
1 - It helps that the "Before" shirt is way too big, too.
.75 - No. You're short. That's why.
Sherri - I KNOW. We were just talking about that same thing at work. It's all black and white and zebra stripes for the big girls. Bastards.
Christy - I am sure I didn't notice that marker because my ass, Gladys, independently swept it on to the floor without my knowledge.
Jhianna - Me too- I didn't see that marker at all.
Candy - Well, of course it's advice that's ten years behind the times, because that's where we are here in the hearetland.
Caroline - No, nothing would make men stop looking at my toes.


Queen - ouch.

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