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October 23, 2008



There is/was a portion of my family on my father's side that lived for and worked at the local Waffle House. If we needed to find my aunt or my cousins, we didn't go to their houses (which were all within a few blocks of each other) but to the Waffle House. I didn't know this until my dad started talking about it. His job involved a lot of driving around town, so he would try to be at that waffle house a few times each week around lunch or quitting time.

I have not eaten at a Waffle House in many, many years. My husband will not willingly set foot in one. Of course, these are Waffle Houses in the South, and, franchise rules not withstanding, you can get a heart attack just walking in.


One of the few good things about traveling with the SLAM is that we often end up near a Waffle House. Between that and a trip to Columbus, OH, I can appreciate this post! I wish I could eat breakfast like that everyday.


Some people attach a little too much importance to The Waffle House: http://www.smoothharold.com/waffle-house-wedding/


**dies of Waffle House envy** My nearest one is 256 miles away and I LOVE the Texas Cheesesteak.


Mmmmmm. Waffles. IHOP's just too upscale for us true suthanahs.


Another Southern to-die-for chain: Biscuitville! Biscuits all day every day. Sausage biscuits. Cheese and egg biscuits. Country ham biscuits.

And, ma raison d'etre: Biscuits with cream gravy.

Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits.

Erin G.

Oh my God, Waffle House. I LOVE Waffle House. When I was on tour with a musical back in 1996-97, the skies would open and the angels would sing when we would pull into a town that had one. BECAUSE ARE THEY OPEN ALL NIGHT OR WHAT? Sometimes it was the only place to get food after 11pm. And we were ever grateful.


Re: Waffle House, meh. But then again, I used Splenda instead of sugar in my coffee. That might have done it.

I haven't been in a waffle house in years because of the smoking stench.


#3, did you not eat a waffle?

Waffle House reminds me of travel. I don't think I've ever eaten at one in St. Louis, but I have eaten at many.

And now I think it's time for a GNO road trip to Lambert's, home of the throwed rolls.


Sherri - Oh, dear. I hope no one on your father's side had heart disease.
.75 - What do you like best? I like the cheese eggs.
Christy - Oh that is awful. I hope that isn't Sherri's family...
Yookie - No! That is too far away. WH should go worldwide like Krispy Kreme.
Shania - Plus, no grits. How can they say it's International?
Becs - Gasp! You torment me! They appear to be only in NC and VA. Road trip.
Erin G - That, plus a jukebox! What more could you ask.
#3 - "Meh." See, that's because you had the omlette.
"" - (Look everybody, it's Zayrina) You know, I was surprised to find there's still a smoking one by us (many of the cities in St. Louis area are all non-smoking) but the ventilation was good.
Caroline - She ate a bite of my waffle. And isn't Lamberts 2 hours away? I'd road trip for Biscuitville though.

Big Dot

Humph. I'd just like to point out that IHOP is international in the way that the World Series is world-wide. Nor do we have Waffle House, which I would ADORE. All we have is a Denny's and McDonalds (they tried to get us to call it Macca's for a while, but it didn't catch on). And Wendy's, and BK. But nothing focused on the waffle, alas.


I think the closest Biscuitville to me in in Danville, VA. (A mere eight hour drive away.) But you call the date and I'll meet you there. Best time is on a Sunday when everyone's getting out of church.


Big Dot - Maccas? Isnt that what you call Paul McCartney? They tried to make Jack in the Box "Monteray Jack's" for a while, that was a miserable failure.
Becs - I did drive 200 miles out of the way top visit the Village Deli in Bloomington Indiana, once.

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