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October 25, 2008



Hm...I myself have done this but I think I did it wrong. You must have been playful and gleeful where I think I looked like Anne Boleyn walking toward the chopping block.


1) Didn't Helen S______ reply something along the lines of "Who is ____ and why I am invited to a wedding shower for him?"

2) Who's getting married?


That's totally awesome. It's nice to have the upper hand and to wave it like you just don't care sometimes.


Helen. Ellen. It's all the same, right?


Becs - Oh, I exaggerated the humor like I was in a fifties tv series.
Caroline - No, because she has worked in the past with Arter-cay. She didn't reply at all. I've forgotten her actual name; I'll email it when I get in. You might work with her.
Catherine - Yep! I'm still not invited to the actual wedding. Little do they know how Gary loves buying wedding presents.
Magpie - Well, not according to Outlook.


Huh. Well good for him. I'd have fallen out of my chair had it been Eve-stay. Or however you do that in pig Latin.


Caroline - Yup. That's right.


I'd have been really mad if they'd asked me to chip in for a present.


TasterSpoon - I offered and they refused. Especially since I'M NOT INVITED TO THE WEDDING.

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