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October 16, 2008



What the hell?? No explanation? Did you have just enough time to snap this photo and post it on your blog from your precious iPhone before you were killed?

You should have at least typed "Aaaaaaaaa!!!" before hitting the post to blog button.


3 - Gah! Well I thought I'd have more than 5 minutes to get back to my PC before some lunatic commented! Go to bed!
Oh, and I can tell you where we are NOT parking the next time we go ton the Pageant. And the Ben Folds concert was strange anyway, not worth a jacket and a window.

Big Dot

Irony! I can tell you about irony - when we came back to our car after a movie to the same scenario except all that was missing was the radar detector that my husband, the judge, uses instead of watching his speed.

He got his own back weeks later when someone came up before him for doing that to someone else - gave him the maximum.


That sucks because I go to the Pageant a lot. :(

Sorry to hear about the mini and jacket but glad you weren't around when it happened.


My sympathies.

Years ago, someone (kids, I think) broke the window out of my car for about 60 cents in change. It was daytime and I was parked in front of the synagogue where I worked then.

I keep telling The Husband NOT TO LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN THE CAR! He doesn't listen. He's been very lucky so far.


Oh the irony of the LOCK YOUR VEHICLE! sign right there next to the Mini. So sorry...what a crappy thing to have happen.

I saw Ben Folds last week here. It was strange. I've seen great Ben Folds, and this was not it...


Rough night, huh? Strange concert and a stranger taking stuff from you car. Strangely eventful evening.


Oh, that sucks. It's such a creepy feeling.

I have a worthless car that used to have a useless radio that didn't work...until the non-working radio was stolen. I got a good laugh out of that. They also took a bag out of my trunk - but it was my gym bag, and I laughed again as I drove down the street and saw discarded sweaty bike shorts and a sports bra and socks on the side of the road. Enjoy that empty duffle bag, chumps!

What pissed me off was that they broke my window to get in, when the door was unlocked anyway.

Overflowing Brain

I can honestly say I feel his pain. Only on my honeymoon and laptops instead of leather jackets. It sucks, I'm very very sorry.

And, I know it's horrible, but I did laugh just a little at the title of the blog post. Very well worded.


Big Dot - A eye for an eye, sort of.
.75 - Gary and I were demonstrating the fight/flight response. Gary wanted to kick someones ass and I wanted to leave right then. Yes, Im glad I wasnt there. And just don't park east of the Pageant, we were one block east.
Sherri - I usually cover valuable stuff. Gary says he covers his valuables with his leather jacket. The Irony Factory never stops!
Kristie - It WAS a strange concert! So it wasn't just me.
KC - Plus we had a fight over Gary shuffling me around like a chess piece as he does in every GA concert. PLUS I had a really great lunch that afternoon and this news bumped that off the blog.
TasterSpoon - Oh, that is wrong. The big question - did you retrieev you bra? And did you wear it again?
Overflowing Brain - On the way home I told Gary your story. He may have taken some consolation from it. He did say that maybe we should have put more valuable stuff in there so it would be worthwhile filing an insurance claim.


KMOV is reporting tonight about a man they caught who's been stealing from cars in the CWE. I saw leather jackets on a table amongst a bunch of ipods, laptops, GPS units, phones, etc.

Gary may get his jacket back. Check out the KMOV website for more info.


Sorry, not CWE, but the Delmar Loop near the Pageant.


3 - EEE! You are the best. I need to call the detective tonight after 4. Didn't see his coat, nut there are other items not shown in the photos. We have the lining for his coat, so it might be like Cinderella's slipper - we could go down there and prove it's his coat by zipping the lining in.

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