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October 05, 2008



The only thing Canada really cares about is if you carry a laptop in. My husband and I never travel without our laptops (center of our lives, ya know) and the first time we crossed the boarder and was asked about computers, we said "yes, we both have laptops" and THEN the excitement started.

The next time we went, we said "yes" and "no" and didn't smile too much.

Big Dot

Wow, and I thought it was just foreigners they made feel unwelcome and nervous. I'm always so anxious filling in that green form on the plane - I've been calmer about final exams.


Yeah, I thought it was illegal to take pictures of anything security related nowadays.


Sherri - Why are Canadians afraid of laptops? Is it because of their tree exports?
Big Dot - When we came back from England I declared the magazines I had bought to read on the plane.
.75 - Well, yeah, but we forgot.


Hm, wasn't it a US/Canadian border guard who let that honeymoon guy with Hepatitis or whatever into the country with "a stern warning"? After that little incident I'm surprised they didn't send you straight to Gitmo.


TasterSpoon - I think we escaped because of the terror in our eyes.

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