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October 01, 2008


Big Dot

The only BNL I've ever heard is the theme tune on Big Bang Theory. Is that typical of their music?


On Yom Kippur, I'm going to atone for this but: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


Big Dot - It is inidicative only of their popular songs - it's a little like their #1 song, "One Week," and "Another postcard" is a little like that. Of course, the rest of the songs they are do are so much better. Have you ever heard "Pinch Me" - I bet you have. Many of their songs are darker like this one, Everything Had Changed:
Musically and lyrically great, not just lyrically busy. That chorus means something different every time.
3 - Go click on the url above and then ask G_d for forgiveness first.


It's a virus site, isn't it?


3 - No it's YouTube via tinyUrl. But that would have been good too. If I wanted to get you I could have turned the fellow BNL fans on you.


20 years? Seriously? Damn, time flies...


Sue - I know. Yet fat stays forever.

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