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October 21, 2008



Yeah, I've been getting e-mails from all of those people and more. I get the local Obama/Democrats sending me stuff too.

Of course, my snail mail box is filled with Republican cards and mailers. There's something ironic there, but I still hate it.

Most of it is such nonsense, I'll never understand how anyone can support those clowns.

Big Dot

The worst thing about our election campaign is that Helen, the present incumbent (oh how that word suits her) keeps feeling obliged to smile. Did you ever see Nanny McPhee?


You missed an amazing day...not a breath of hostility or anger.


The event kicked ass. Took my breath away -- the hopefulness, the excitement, the solidarity.

I particularly enjoyed joining my fellow liberals in taunting the anti-abortionists camped on Memorial Drive after the rally.


In addition to email, that "weirdo" is also sending me text messages. I kind of dig the special attention.

I have a sign in my front yard; I guess he knows where I live, then. Do you think he'll come over?


The Prince's minions call my house regularly to speak to my son (who has worked as a volunteer). I nicely tell them that he is now living in a dorm in New Orleans and that they should feel free to call him there. But they keep calling anyway. Do they not talk to each other? Maybe I should record a standard greeting to play for them: "Hello, and thank you for calling. No, Ian is not here. He is residing in Nola. You know, the place that Katrina devastated? Quit calling here for him. He will not return until after the election, which Ian is assuming your man will win. He's already mailed in his Absentee Ballot. Thank you and goodbye."

Amy in StL

Ugh, at least you're not being stalked by a creepy old man. Seriously, if he has his minions call my cell phone and use my daytime minutes one more time it'll drive me to drink. Oh, wait...I already do that!


I went to a convention center and that weird dude was there and there were like, easily 10-12 thousand people there shouting that dude's name. Wtf.


Ajooja - So, Ron Paul for you?
Big Dot - Do you have the limited 1 month for campaigning like Canada and England? That is genius
StLJoie - See below
3 - I know, I suck
Christy - have some pie ready. He likes pie. (It occurred to me today that I could imagine Sarah P saying "I like pie..."
KC - four years ago I told the DNC that I would never have given money if I knew they would be haraqssing me for more.
Amy in StL - Eww! An angry old man too with PTSD
Styro - funny!

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