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September 01, 2008



I have to admit, I am not an adventurous diner. I don't think I've ever willingly had an oyster, snoot, testicle, and will never ever eat brains. I'm sorry. To me, it's just too gross for words. Gag.


You're a braver woman than I. I had oysters -- once -- and that was enough slime for me.

Big Dot

Guinea pig, fruit bat, crocodile, emu, ostrich, camel, alpaca, termite, green ant, sheep´s liver, beef kidney - yes, yes, yes (although mostly not more than once each). But BRAIN? Deep-fried BRAIN? Ack! Ack! Ack!

However, most impressed by your follow-through.


Congratulations. You've managed to make me throw up in my hands.


Any more of these posts and I will be afraid to visit your blog anymore.


I can't stand cooked egg in any form that doesn't involve either tons of cheese or much cake, so I didn't even consider anything resembling them deep fried.

I'm very picky about meat -- I like it too much to be a vegetarian, but I am damned picky about it. I can't say how many times I've cooked chicken or beef for dinner and been unable to eat it because the smell suddenly made me feel sick. I'm alright on most textures, but deep frying can turn my stomach, too. I can't imagine eating organ meats.


Why?? For the love of Pete, why?


How does one know where the local brain food restaurant is located?

How does one get in the mood for brain food?

It would have never crossed my mind.

Lisa Emrich

Whoa!!! You are a braver and more adventurous soul than I.


You wrote that whole post just for the last line, right?

Mrs. Hall

The last line is hilarious!




Becs - I think I'd draw the line at testicles. Unless someone dared me.
Kathy - I've had oysters once too. You mean raw oysters, right? I like Oysters rockefeller.
Big Dot - I can't wait to try guinea pig! But insect - no.
3 - Gross!
Zayrina - Well, I've decided that if it wasn't previously employed as a muscle then I'm not eating it.
Sherri - My sister-in-law is like that. Are you able to carve the turkey at Thanksgiving? Because it has to be pre-carved for her; it looks to much like an animal.
Shania - And why? Like Mt. Everest, because it's there.
.75 - I found it on www.sauce.com.
Lisa Emrich - No, an adventurer would have found the cow brains.
Magpie - No, I swear I didn't. It just occurred to me when I got to the end. I was going to say something about the S_____s not wasting food.
Mrs. Hall - (Hi, Mrs. Hall!) I always have trouble with last lines, and it was such a groaner I considered not putting it in.
Jenny - You just had a banana, I bet.


I guess sauce magazine has already featured everything else possible? I guess they'll be reviewing McDonald's next?


I'm pretty impressed you didn't gag as soon as the brain entered your mouth...kudos to you.

Amy in StL

Okay, I used to love fried brain sandwiches. As a kid, my aunt made them all the time (yes, we're German.) and they were sliced about the thickness of a burger and then deep fried. We did NOT do them with scrambled eggs. She said that's how country folks ate them.

I loved them until sometime in gradeschool I helped her prepare it. She was taking it out of the boiling seasoned water and I watched her peel the membrane off. I was so grossed out and said I couldn't believe anyone ate that. As we waited for it to cool a bit, she calmly told me that I loved them and ate them all the time. I then helped her slice it up and bread it for frying.

I haven't had one since. (But I hear pig brains are more bitter anyway.)

Big Dot

Guinea pig apparently tastes like goose, according to Chuck-from-Saint-Louis (I thought it tasted just like guinea pig). How about tongue - have you eaten tongue? That´s more accessible and almost as revolting an idea as brain. Or tripe? Cow´s stomach lining, evidently best braised in milk with onions.


I should have had a delayed hurl in your cube today.

DeeDee and Irma

You have disgusted me, and that is a feat indeed, my friend. Please excuse me whilst I purge.


.75 - No, it was a feature on St. Louis specialities: http://www.saucemagazine.com/article/1/127
Autumn - I would have in my youth.
Amy in StL - I LOVE this! Even though you called us "Country folks" - of course we are, it's just we call ourselves "landed gentry."
Big Dot - Tripe? That's completely disgusting.
3 - I should have had brains slathered in non-kosher cheese.
Dee Dee and Irma - Hah HAH! I dance and splash victoriously in your vomit.


First of all, I almost missed this one. Thankfully, my belly was empty when I ran across it. Next, love Gary's t-shirt. Thirdly, Rocky Mountain Oysters? Don't miss them if you get a chance. You'll wish you'd looked up "testicles" before brains, I'll bet.



My had to eat brains at her grandma's house once because "that's what grandma made for lunch." Yikes.


There used to be a butcher near my grandmother's house in Illinois that sold game and "exotic meats." They even made the Ripley's Believe it or Not TV show. They had all manner of jerkies, so a few years ago I stopped in and got deer jerky, buffalo jerky, bear jerky and LION jerky. They were very expensive, and all tasted pretty much like teriyaki sauce.


Judith - Did you eat testicles at the Testicle Festival?
ajooja -The worst my grandma ever made me eat was squirrel casserole.
TasterSpoon - Okay, out to the internet to find lion jerky!


No, I must have missed that festival. I'm from Colorado and that is where the name comes from,"Rocky Mountain Oysters". However, I must confess, not ever chef is a natural with this dish. So,you may have to try them more than once. You can get them at fine restaurants all over Denver. Good Huntin"! Maybe Sarah Palin has hunted them before? She's just such a natural with a gun and a knife!

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