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September 24, 2008



Just cause I'm in St. Charles don't mean you can't invite me to birthday lunches! I may end up in WestPort for a couple of months. We'll see.

Buffalo = BNL? Or vacation for the heck of it?


It's going to rain here today (NJ) so Buffalo rain is a possible. I can assure you, the rain we get here is really just your rain a day later. Or something.


.75 -mainly for bbl and the animal park and the poutine.
Candy - ironically we found rainproof windbreakers In the closet.


Have fun!


The CLOSET? Who the heck puts their jackets in the closet? That's like looking for your glasses on top of your head.


Have a great time...
hope you find some good poutine!


Why, you'll be practically next door! Just an eight hour drive to Jersey and voila!


Sue --I hope so...
Shania - where do you keep yours?
Kristie - the waiter at the snooty hotel/casino restaraunt did not claim to know of it
Becs - eight More hours of travel? No

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