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September 21, 2008


Big Dot

And there was me, sitting here drinking my cup of tea with nothing to read, thinking you were out having a life. Now I feel much better.


Big Dot - Nope. No life here. I suck!


That sounds like my weekend and I don't have MS. How lame am I?


I actually canvassed for Obama! Go, me!! Although I think next time I volunteer, it will be data entry.

Oh, and I studied options for Series 7, which explains the aspirin.


Why can't we all live in the zone between totally slammed and having no life? :(


Nice Green Day reference by the way. :)


I didn't sleep quite so much, but I made up for it with a lot of sitting on the couch not moving.

And since i already have a PedEgg (Two, actually, as The Husband has his own), I bought boots.

It's noon already and I'm back to sitting on the couch.


I walked 2 miles in the morning Saturday, at breakfast ate Flapjacks with Santa, took a drive looking at fantasy houses.
I washed clothes and did dishes, after Santa cooked a rib dinner. Then we made a platter of deviled eggs. (No pedieggs were injured in the making of deviled eggs.) Then I walked 2 more miles with the dog.

Sunday I walked 2 miles and then just hung out till 4 pm when we then headed off to my friends house 40 miles away for a cook out. When we got there we sang and ate and ran around after the dog who had a blast with my friend's new puppy.

I mention all of this only to lord my activity over you in an obnoxious manner.

Amy in StL

So, how is the pedegg? I'm too embarassed to buy one since all my friends make fun of the commercial. Maybe I can go incognito....

Grand Royal

Queen--Sounds like my weekends lately. I have grand ideas. I even write them down. Then I stare at the list from the couch.

Amy--buy it! I too was skeptical. But it is wonderful!

Big Dot

My weekend was so unmemorable that I have no memory of it whatsoever, apart from harbouring suspicions that Queen hadn't posted because she was out somewhere having fun. Oh wait, we went to the movies, to see Earth, which made the popcorn stick in my craw and left me depressed about polar bears, elephants, and pretty much everything else, but reminded me why I don't watch nature programmes any more.


Shania - Oh, I don't think it was MS related. Oh wait! What am I saying? "Yes, the MS really got to me this weekend. I was very lazy - oopp - I mean fatigued."
3 - Go you!
.75 - Thank you! A guy at work is soliciting "Autumn" songs, and that was one of my suggestions. (He ended up taking my Fountains of Wayne "All Kinds of Time" suggestioins instead.
Sherry - Lucky! I envy you your calf/ankle proportions.
Zayrina - Well lorded.
AmyinStL - Well, it is as effective as the nasty german razor thing I use now:
... but you don't end up with stripes on your heels.
Grand Royal - You still live! You still blog! You dropped off the map a few months ago and I thought you were gone.
Big Dot - Earth? Was there nothing else available? Hey yeah, you should be gearing up for the big summer blockbusters there in your hemisphere.

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