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September 06, 2008



Jesus. My 74-year-old aunt drives us to Lumiere Place to play slots. We're going there next week. Shall I wave at East St. Louis for you?


I should add, instead of taking Tom Tom, you should take my Aunt MiMi.


3 - Mimi wanna see Go Gos? She should go this weekend.


my personal goal is to win the lottery and buy east saint louis and make it the new black mecca. I'll redo it extreme home makeover style and bulldoze all the liquor stores in seven days and have a hot black guy with perfect ken dolls ala ty pennington with a bull horn annoying I mean motivating us to completion.

I'll invite you over once I get it done.

Big Dot

My OH is in thrall to the steely authority of the Tom Tom, despite once misunderstanding his instructions and driving for an entire block along the light rail line through the centre of San Jose (NO ESCAPE! CONCRETE BARRIERS EACH SIDE!!!) Now he even uses it to direct him to my sister's house 20 minutes away. "It might know a better route," he explains.


This is exactly the reason why I have maps and use them.


It would kill you to know that I've voluntarily gone to those cobblestone lots along the river many times to watch 4th of July fireworks. Excellent vantage point. Little traffic.

May I suggest that next time you accidentally cross the river (as we all have) that you go to about the 3rd exit to turn around?

Amy K

LOL...this reminds me a great episode on The Office when the GPS tells Michael and Dwight to drive into a lake! Anyway, the Go Gos rock...as do kobe beef burgers. ;)


I feel bad. I should have instructed you on how to get there as well as food directions.

70 East to Broadway exit.
Turn left onto Biddle (1st stoplight)
Turn right onto 2nd street

While I really want a GPS, from my friend's experiences, I will still check to see where something is actually located via mapquest.


The worst part about going over the bridge when you don't want to -- and I've done it several times -- is that there's never a good place to turn around and get back to St. Louis. Scary.

Hope you enjoyed the show. :)


Raquita - Cool! Will you still be able to get the good snoots there?
Big Dot - I like it because I don't have to navigate. If Gary's driving and I'm in the car he expects me to think for him. Very tiresome.
Becs - I can't read a map and drive, though. OH - this is great. A funny exchange between BNL Lead guitarist and airplane-crasher (Ed) and your man Alan, as told by Willow who attended a recent concert and reported this exchange as told by Ed:

Ed: The inbox on my computer was all: "thank god you're ok, Oh my god I just heard, glad you're safe, my love to you, I'm so sorry this happened, thank god you're safe..." And every single note was like that going through all of them.

Then, e-mail from Alan Doyle, from Great Big Sea.

Subject: Bastards
I open the email, from Alan Doyle: "You headline-hogging f*cking bastards."
He goes on to write: "There are other bands in Canada trying to sell CDs you know. Why don't you guys take a f*cking holiday?"

Caroline - I am shocked and worried. Please say you were young and stupid.
Amy K - Ah! I remember that episode. Gary and I howled.
.75 - I don't know why I didn't use the iPhone, it would have been more up to date.
ajooja - I did enjoy the show! Not as much as Gary did, but that's to be understood. I like Jane best.


Buckminster Fuller who invented the geodisic dome...think the climatron at the Botanical Gardens...wanted to build a geodisic dome over East St. Louis and have it become the most enviable climate controlled place to live in the country...I kid you not. And the skyline of St. Louis is only to be fully appreciated from the eastern side of the river.


Kick TomTom to the curb and get a Garmin. And change the settings so it's a male voice giving the directions. It's probably just me, but I find the female voice to be somewhat snarky and condescending.


Oh that Alan! He is such a hoot!


The first person who screams in any car I am driving is promoted to walking. Banging one's hand against the passenger side door in voiceless terror is ok. But no screaming.

Amy in StL

I can't believe it got you that lost. I'd totally sell it and get a Garmin. I rented a Garmin when I was in NM and maybe fell in love with it. Also, I got my directions to Lumiere from Mapquest and they're the same as friend 0.75's. However that does lead down a kind of scary dark street between two old warehouses.

Big Dot

Mapquest alert: it's all very well if you stay on the strip map it gives you, but if your kids erupt into a sudden squabble in the back seat at the exact moment that you should be exiting the I5 through LA and you take the next exit instead and try to circle round back to where you should be, and you find yourself the centre of attention of clusters of dodgy-looking people lounging on their front stoops in the middle of a maze of back streets, and you start to feel less like an adventurous tourist and more like meals on wheels, then Mapquest is no bloody use at all.


JO - That is great info about EStL. And I quite enjoy the skyline when I'm driving in from Illinois at 65 mph.
Melissa - We like the bitchy English voice. Then, when you choose to go your own way, she sounds so annoyed.
Becs - The story live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAcZdUYM5ss&feature=related
Sherri - Amen! Have you ever enforced this?
Amy in StL - Yeah, but Lacledes Landing scary, not EStL scary.
Big International Dot - "Dodgy" people? That's great.

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