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September 02, 2008



As am I.


I am scared! Hold me!


That, like, totally belongs on "Totally Looks Like", girl. You can get there by way of icanhascheezburger.com


Yikes! They are way scary! And where is Barbie? She missed a photo op?


Oh my God. They're dead ringers for the McCain's. LOVE it.




I am bowing down to you. You are freaking awesome. :-D



Overflowing Brain

All you're missing is the money signs in her eyes.

Also? Sarah Palin's husband is a Snow Machine Racer. It's like she's asking for some good jokes.


Shania - I felt bad about being mean and partisan, but then I saw the prospective VP's speech and I don;t think I can be bitchy enough. (But I do like her accent.)
.75 - "We come in peace! We come in peace!"
Becs - Ha! Thanks, I just did. We'll see.
Judith - Um, maybe Barbie could be the dog/newscaster.
Heidi - Or, are the McCains dead ringers for them?
Jhianna - (Chuckle evilly and quietly)
Angie - Just dont bow to our Martian Overlords.
Kristie - Patient! I had to look through a lot of photos of them.
Overflowing Brain - I bet she doesn't even really need glasses.


McSame lost the election, thanks his "good" judgment in choosing Caribou Barbie. Looks like it Mitt in 2012!

Don't blame the media, McCain, for doing the job of vetting you should have done.


snorting with laughter.


3 - I think they're setting her up. Soon it will be all "My GOD! This woman is so inexperienced. As inexperienced as our opponent!" And then they'll ditch her.
KC - I hope it was a good snort. The kind with mucus.

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