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September 04, 2008



I only got 20. I guess I still have some livin/eatin to do!

Wasabi peas...not fun but not that bad. You only make that mistake once.

Kobe beef...I recommend Burger Bar Lumiere Hotel to everyone


umm, Topomax? What do you mean? I'm on Topomax for migraines. Could this explain something?? I'd love to hear more.

I loved this list. I thought I was adventurous, until I read your list!

Amy in StL

I love Wasabi peas. Maybe I had the not that hot ones? And I have to admit that I think I had roadkill last month. I went to a meeting where they served a soup/stew and the guys were saying that the guy usually puts whatever he catches/finds in it. I didn't ask anymore questions - I just ate.


Definitely get some poutine, asap. No rootbeer float? Really? They're yummy.

I'll be on the lookout for some of that carmel cheese....


Prickly Pear is Cactus! I csn send you a whole apple box full, from my front yard, if you want. By the way, Ms. Smarty Pants, you can't be sure you've never had road kill. People aren't always upfront on their ingredients, you know!


Wasabi peas are not pain. They are instant relief for congested sinuses. Wasabi peas are pain the same way Vinegar and Salt potato chips are pain (although I really prefer Dill potato chips). But they are better mixed into something, like mashed potatoes...and I think all mine were eaten by The Husband.

Mrs. Hall

THIS is a great blog. What a great find!

I really am enjoying reading it.

o-BTW, I had been a nurse at a neurology clinic for three years, so your posts mocking your illness are so funny to me. It is so awesome hearing you mock your MS.

Funny stuff indeed


Mrs. Hall

Overflowing Brain

How have you never had clam chowder in a bread bowl? I don't even like clam chowder and I've had it. The bowl part was amazing.


.75 - Thanks for your recommend. That was a good burger. And huge. I'm still eating it.
Libby - One of the side effects of Topomax (some have it, some don't) is lack of appetite. I felt like after six weeks all food changed to plastic. I had as much to desire to eat food as eat a stapler. Then, after six months, I thought "Hm. Pizza!" and the side effect was gone.
Amy in StL - Was this a survivalist meeting? Of course, my granpas goulash probably has some roadkill. I would eat raodkill deer.
Kristie - Poutine has to be good. Like loaded mashed potatoes, but fried. I hope it's as far south as Toronto / Buffalo.
Judith - Oh! Had cactua at the same place we had crocodile / gator, according to Gary. I dont recall croc at all.
Sherri - You might just have a hig tolerance. I think even the Pizza Hut Mild wings are too spicy.
Mrs. Hall - Huh! Which clinic? My clinical trial neuro just started one at Mo Bap (I think.)
Overflowing Brain - Well, the place you get bread bowls here (Saint Louis Bread Co to us, Panera to the rest of you) always has broclli cheese soup and I'd always choose that over chowder. And Noahs Ark, the place here for chowder, closed down before bread bowls became au courant.


Yes, you can definitely find poutine in Toronto!


Kristie - excellent! I just took that Canadian knowledge test. Did YOU know poutine means mess?


I read the original "you don't care what you eat" as "you shove everything in sight in your pie-hole" so I was hoping to blame that on the Topomax. Alas. But thanks for the info!


Libby - Ah. Too bad - that lack of appetite side-effect was so odd. Friend #6 was on it at the same time and we'd say, "So what did you have for breakfast?" "Oh, a can of corn." "Yeah, I had celery. It was in the front of the fridge."

Oh - and I had Crillo chocolate tonight. It was all dark, and I don't like dark chocolate, but my God there were two pieces that practically got me high. Right to the chocolate brain receptors.


Hubby is the cook at our house. Recently, I have started photographing his creations before I eat them because they are so damn pretty. Just last week we had chicken breast marinated in a prickly pear sauce that he processed himself. I always ask him what ingredients are in his preparations, but by the time he has listed a half dozen or so my mind starts wandering. I should have him write them down for me because then I could compare them to your list. I'm sure I've eaten at least 50% of those items, even tho I'm not aware of it.


KC - That sounds heavenly. Gary won't even heat up leftovers in the microwave.

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