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September 12, 2008



When you guys are really old Gary will be one of those oldsters who flips himself over in his Hoverround chair. I can see it coming.

Big Dot

That's some nifty manoeuvring there for those poses. Is there such a thing as Synchronised Segwaying? Because you guys look like naturals.


Gary may not be able to ride a Segway, but can he write a segue?

Big Dot

Or recite a soliloquy?

(Who said that? Was that me? Tch.)


Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind, positive words. I'll be back to read more of yours.

Lisa Emrich

Looks like you guys had fun!! I've never witnessed a Segway tour in motion, must have been a little humorous to see.

BTW, thanks for welcoming Abby. Very sweet of you.


Zayrina - (He did flip the Segway.Shhh)
Big Dot - I think there will be a Wii Fit Segway game.
3 - Yes. He writes really well, it's just too detailed sometimes. All emails are three paragraphs long at least.
Big Dot - Tch. Everything he says is a long soliloquy.
Abby - Hi Abby! A pill is on its way.
Lisa Emrich - Someone on a bike quacked at us and said we looked like ducks.

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