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September 22, 2008


Big Dot

I didn't have to click, even a small and blurry misplaced apostrophe will reach out and offend every living sense in my body. Well done, fellow pedant (though I would be even more impressed had you whipped out a red pen and corrected the error before taking your flared nostrils right out of that shop).


Big Dot - The salesperson wanted to know why I was taking the photo, so she got a strict lesson while I was at the height of my indignation.


Oh - and here I thought it was the 'Made in China' thing. That's what I'm keeping an eye out for these days, but it's almost impossible to buy something that isn't made in China.


PS - It's beautiful, though, and I think you could edit the "it's" by removing the tag.


Ohhhh I love that blouse/robe. It would work well for me.


dowager = a woman who holds some title or property from her deceased husband, esp. the widow of a king, duke, etc. (often used as an additional title to differentiate her from the wife of the present king, duke, etc.): a queen dowager; an empress dowager.

I'm guessing that is not what you meant?


Wow! I thought it was the "made in China" tag, too. It's hard to be Queen, isn't it?


I inherited a purple caftan in which my grandmother used to swan about. I'm dying to wear it to a dinner party with big bangle bracelets and my hair in a turban.


OMG! I totally missed it the first time. And FREE TIBET!


I spotted it in the small photo, and applaud you for being a stickler. Have you read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" yet?


I CALL ABUSE! Poor ol' thing. http://www.apostrophe.fsnet.co.uk/

Also, for nothing what so ever



Hah! Caught it when I embiggened.


I love the term "swanning about." Entirely underused, IMO.


Becs - Well, true, but I'd still know in my heart.
Zayrina - Even with the typo? And the China/Tibet controversy, which I frankly hadn't thought of before I saw the comments. I am a bad, bad revolutionary.
.75 - If you were at dictionary.com, it's the last definition: "resembling attributes of a dowager," i.e. droopyboobies.
Judith - Kimonos should be made in China. I think they shouldn't have made the tags too.
Tasterspoon - My Grandma had a turban. I knowjust where it is at Mom's house.
Candy - Gary's off Chinese dog food. Not because of Tibet, but because they aren't particular about poisoning the babies, much less the dogs.
Jammies - Love Eats Shoots and Leaves - It's in the next room as we speak.
Sherri - The name generator gave me Echo Santay. There's a group in the US that defaces signs that are incorrect.
#3 - No! Only after the embiggening? I would expect you to catch that from the get-go
Suebob - especially given how frequently I swan.


Yes with the tag and with the China issues.

Buying clothes for me is pure hell. If I happen to like something, which is very rare, I damn well would buy it.


You need to join #3 on her QA quest. Then, the two of you can go to Target together and have apolexy over the other side of this door hanging. http://www.target.com/Witchs-Inn-Wall-Hanging-15-5/dp/B0017T1S6I/qid=1222309223/ref=br_1_5/601-3356070-1984114?ie=UTF8&node=684480011&frombrowse=1&pricerange=&index=tgt-mf-mv&field-browse=684480011&rank=pmrank&rh=&page=2


Shouldn't kimonos come from Japan?

I applaud your grammatical integrity. Put your money where your linguistics are, I say.


Zayrina - I got my colors done once, and I decided I was not a spring or summer but a "Fits over my ass."
Hot Mom - Good God. And #3 and I ate at the Bandana's today with the sign that says "one's bandana."
Caroline - Yes. You can actually get kimonos on eBay for $1 per kimono, and the shipping isn't even that bad.

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