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September 29, 2008


Big Dot

I'm touched that you're so eager for Anniversary Day here in the City of Sails that Christmas doesn't register.

By the way, we've started Daylight Saving here so you no longer coincide with my afternoon cuppa. Is it all right with you if I go somewhere else to, shall we say, dunk my biscuit?


Big Dot - The republicans have played devil with our times, so I no longer know when we fall back and spring forward. Who knows when we will be back in sync!


I think you should be looking forward to Simchat Torah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simchat_Torah) - my shiksa understanding is that it's a good time to celebrate - and get drunk.


Magpie...you're in luck! ALL the holidays involve getting drunk!

And someone please tell #1 that Jews don't hate Easter.

Queen - Good times...good times. I think I'm back to being the only Jew in the company again. --sigh--


I can never keep these holidays straight. I once wished someone a happy holiday on Yom Kippur and near got my head ripped off. Hey! Do I expect you to understand Good Friday? Hell I don't even understand Good Friday. Relax.

Rather, I choose the words of my husband, who has not one politically correct bone in his body, by wishing our Jewish brethren a happy Rock Yer Momma, and hope they have fun blowing their chauffeurs.


Magpie - Even Elijah gets to have his own glass of wine sometimes. I think a tradition that pours wine for dead prophets has the right attitude about drinking.
.75 - Lots of Jews at TeddyJ,I think...Just sayin'...
Candy - "blowing their chauffeurs" killed me. It took a second, but it killed me.


Queen - I'm ready to come over. I've had 3 people ask me how I was feeling since they assumed I was sick yesterday. ARGH!!!!!!!!!


I have another good Elliott HR story. Today I interviewed a consulting candidate from Elliott. They sent over an Elliott-ized resume for him, including a paragraph at the top that was FULL of typos. When the candidate arrived he looked at the resume and asked what the top said since it was the first time he ever saw it. You know Ms. HR wrote that. Apparently she has no more time to proofread outgoing correspondence than she does to collect contact info for the alumni database.


.75 - Is Yom a High Holy Day too? You might have a relapse.
Caroline - Brother. Send it back with corrections? I saw Tom and Vince at the local sandwich shop.


That's a favorite High Holidays memory for me too. I may have to use the Atone-a-phone to ask our old HR director for forgiveness for laughing behind her back.


3 - Ha! Christianity means you never have to say you're sorry.

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