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September 28, 2008



What does that even mean?

Big Dot

Yeah, same here. I've googled poutine (augh! the horror!) but timmes?


damn iPhone TypePad app - can not edit. "timmes" is "timmies" is " tim hortons" which is Canadas Starbucks. And it is disappointing.


Another poutine-googler, which sounds vaguely dirty. The Wikipedia photo looked a little less than appetizing.


In poutine's defense, that looks like a sad version of it. Next time you have the oppourtunity, you should give it another chance and you may find it more delightful.
I have to say I have a differernt opinion about Tim's though. I love me some Timmie's! I'm lucky enough to live close enough to Canada (Michigan) that we have Tim Horton's here. I'd be more apt to compare it to Dunkin' Donuts than Starbucks, although in the last few years they have gotten fancy with the lattes and cappucinos. I'm way addicted to their Iced Cappucinos. And their cheese croissants. yummm. Also a fan of the no-nonsense coffe though.


Oh good, that saved me from askin' too!


Tim Horton's = Dunkin Donuts with soup

If you went expecting Starbucks you were definitely going to be let down.


Kathy - You naughty poutine-googler!
Kristie - No nonsense coffee? More like no-nonsense weak coffee-nuanced hot water.
.75 - You need to get some Candians in your life.
Caroline - I had been sold by the hype.


Queen - I've been asking Sarah McLachlan out on a date since '94! She's single now...I got a shot!


#0.75 - And she's Canadian, isn't she? I wonder if she eats poutine.

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