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September 17, 2008



Vomiting now.

Big Dot

It's a tenuous connection, but you've reminded me of the dyslexic insomniac agnostic, who lies awake at night wondering if there's a dog.


3 - Be sure to floss.
Big Dot - I love that joke. And it's even weirder since you're in the other hemisphere and it's spring there but it's still the same joke.


Of course Jesus' dog is 33. It's not like he can't resurrect it a time or two.


I was just trying to ignore the sentimental "pome" (I reserve the word "poem" for those works that are.)

I don't think Hallmark would use that set of verse, but Blue Mountain Art might...

Big Dot

And it's tomorrow already!! So the joke is even older!!!


Shania - Oh! Good point!
Sherri - Hallmark did have a line of cards for a while with very long poems on the front - They were very solemn. And hysterical.
Big Dot - You. Are blowing my mind.


Hallmark got busted, stealing from Blue Mountain Arts, then stopped with the long poems.(see David and Goliath) All right, here's the truth. I don't read everything completely. I skipped through the "pome" and said, "Hmmm. Dogs. God. Who needs this?" And away it went and the mushy, religious folk did like it! I had amused some pals and Jesus-freak relatives and my job was done.


Judith - there are a lot of individual things to like about that "pome." Except the fact it tries to call itself a poem.

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