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September 14, 2008



That's great, I never heard it before. Gotta love your dog!


Judith - I bet the Virgin Mary would have made that dog into stew.

Dogs, I like. Really Bad Poems, not so much.


I thought to myself, "Is Ellen trying to make me cry?" No, Ellen is trying to make me vomit.


3 - I wish someone had given Moses a dog. They'd scamper right thru the Red Sea. He'd snap at the frogs that rained from the sky, on the burning bush he would pee.


I love dogs.


I, myself, not being one bit religious, thought y'all were serious! Anyhoo, I cut it and sent it to the religious folks I know. I actually did get some weepers! What- ever blows your skirt up!


Sue - I don't love dogs enough to make up for that poem. I don't love JESUS enough to make up for that poem.
Judith - Okay, I can see how some people might love dogs and Jesus enough to ignore the horror of that poem. And I feel a little bad that I don't write poetry and here I am judging it but send me to Hell!


This is a wonderful peom, Jesus should have also had a horse.


Diane (Hello!) - Jesus had a donkey he rode into Jerusalem, that's kind of like a horse.


Queenie, I love ya; but dog stew by Mother Mary I just can't buy. Jews are forbidden to eat all sorts of things, and dogs are amongst the verboten. If her eldest boy had had a pet lobster, she couldn't have cooked that either.

And re: to Diane, look again. The ass he rode in on wasn't his. He borrowed it from a man in town.


Sandman - (Hi Sandman) - such an eye for detail you have! Love it.

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