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September 30, 2008



Who is that young woman? WOAH!

Amy in StL

So having never been to Niagara I have an important question: Do they always have women wear a yellow slicker and men wear a blue? Coincidence or just a way to tell the bodies apart if something goes horribly awry? Also, you were totally rocking the big hair in the 80's weren't you? I - of the flat haired clan - always envied those of you with curls!


I feel like a cow going over the falls would be less likely to say, "Aaah!" and more likely to say, "MOOoooooooglubglub."

Big Dot

Now see, that whole prosecution for being stupid thing, I just don't understand it. Either the person gets swept away and drowned, in which case, finito - or they don't. Seems not only pointless but unnecessarily bossy.

Here if someone wants to jump off a cliff, we let them. In fact, we've made an industry out of it.


The rock is cool. The river is cool. But if you didn't get wet on the Canadian side you clearly weren't in the same location we were.


.75 - I know. She might still be under the 100 pounds of fat I packed on top of her.
Amy in StL - Nope - The blue slicker is for the Maid of the Mist boat. Gary commented to me in line that the Candian MoftheM boat oassengers should wear red ponchos and we should wear yellow, that way if their boat declared war on ours we would know what side the body came from and could return it to the right country. Then the guy in front of us turned around and said, "Yes, but most of the people on the boat are probably tourists from countries other than the US or Canada." We had to agree.
TasterSpoon - I was improvising.
Big Dot - Crazy New Zealanders! Not legislating for your own good? No regulation? I bet your stock market is out of control.
Caroline - That sounds so dirty. Why couldn't you have said "weren't in the same position we were?"


That's really gorgeous. One of these days...


3 - I hope not too soon. You have a dog to look after.


*sigh* One day at a time.


Haha... the glasses comment.


3 - Stay strong. Hospice is hard.
Sue - Thanks for noticing! I liked it too.

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