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September 02, 2008



Ah! Newspeak! So much nicer than saying the vice-presidential candidate's daughter is a slut. A careless slut.


The reason they redo old stuff is because all genius has left Hollywood and everything is being redone. Even 90210. This is why I stopped watching TV. Couldn't find a movie to rent until I got to the V's either! (Vantage Point)


Becs - That would be the other extreme. That would be what they would call Barack's 17 year old pregnant daughter. If he had one.
.75 - And all our new shows are rehashes of BBC TV.


Go Abstinence-Only sex education! Woo!

I hope McCain keeps Palin on his ticket (knocked-up kid notwithstanding). Interesting, interesting choice. And so good with popcorn.


3 - It's like Dynasty! And Northern Exposure!


Oooh...I love Ricky Gervais!


.75 - Isn't it weird how much English Jim looks like American Jim?

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