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September 11, 2008



Flags at full staff. Flags at half staff. Oh - it's 10:30 and crap, we forgot to have a moment of silence.

In ten years, it'll be nothing to most people.


It's generational. When my kids are 10 years older, they'll be the generation in charge that doesn't really remember it.

And I always tend to forget about the Pentagon. Probably because the government did such an awesome job of pretending nothing really happened there.


Becs - And we'll be supporting Afghanistan in their war against Russia, again.
Candy - Noooooo ... the Pentagon really pissed me off. I paid for that Pentagon, ya bastids.


Time does have a way of blurring the past. The danger is when we let it be erased.


It makes me sad that people don't remember. Not only can I still see the images from CNN or whatever channel we watched for days but I remember the feelings of absolute "OMG WTF" that I felt...and how I wanted to be with my mommy and daddy even though I was a senior in college.


Shania - I make myself watch the replay of the coverage every year.
Autumn - In 2001 I never felt like it looked like a movie, it seemed very real. This year I looked at the coverage and it seemed just unbelievable. WTF indeed.

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