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September 15, 2008



Well, I hope the illness was short-lived, and you're better now.

I laughed at the weight-sorted clothing. I have plastic storage containers in the attic marked by weight range.

Lisa Emrich

Sorry you've been sick. I hope that it's passed by now.

Cool deal on the 204.9 though. Now that's something I need to focus on one of these days/years.


Congrats? I think.

Amy in StL

Hey, I know that cove! My trainer is not amused when I go there though. Not at all. Congrats on the reversion to 2006 clothes. Because I live in such a small place, I can't keep stuff that doesn't fit me. It's kind of demotivating.


Damn girlfriend! that's almost 20 lbs! Time to go shopping.

It's just now starting to be a little crisp in the mornings here, but we're still hitting 85 during the day.


It's about time you did something you fat, lazy cow. And, by the way, losing 20lbs doesn't mean you aren't still a fat, lazy cow. It only means you're a 20 lb lighter fat, lazy cow. I expect it won't last. I expect you'll gain that back and more before Christmas. I wouldn't celebrate if I were you. And, thankfully, I'm not.


Wow - you must have some way organized cellar.

Good job on the weight loss. I could use some of that.

And, why oh why don't you have your email address on your site? Thanks for your comments on mine.

Big Dot

Hey, Troll's back!

I share your joy. The food in Peru was so crap I lost 5kg - that's 12lb, so nowhere near your triumphant total, but still... back fat gone! ancient jeans resurrected! blouses no longer gaping across the bust! And, for me, summer round the corner!!!


~Silk - Ah - it was evidently a sinus infection. I'm in headache stage now.
Lisa Emrich - I like the no carb thing. And then I don't, and then I eat steak.
.75 - Yep! Even though 3 came back the next day.
Amy in StL - I think that was the first year I kept old clothes. I don;t know what made me.
Shania - Sad when 20 pounds isn;t immeditely obvious. Gary did tell me this weekend that my forehead seemed slimmer.
Troll - Troll ... are you projecting? You sound like you might have weight troubles of your own.
Magpie - Okay! Click on the About page!(Except for you, Troll)
Big Dot - That is so freaky, that you're in spring right now. I want a winter house in New Zealand.


See? I would have done EXACTLY the same thing. Oh, wait? I did... when I threw up for a week straight. :)


Sue - It's the only good part of being sick. I already gained back three pounds.

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