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September 18, 2008


Big Dot

There, there, I'd never heard of Kaspar Hauser either. Although I do know more than I ever would have expected about the chicken boy from Fiji.

In other news, at my local supermarket they have a new game chiller where they keep the ostrich, kangaroo and crocodile. Strangely, no snouts or brain, though - presumably they don't reckon on anybody being game enough to eat them. (ha ha)


Never heard of him either. But now that I've learned something new today, can I go home early?


Now, having been properly educated on Kasper Hauser thankyouverymuch, I am planning on new and interesting ways to slip him into conversation. I am almost gleeful.


Kasper Who-ser?


I can't even remember the conversation.


Big Dot - You've got game. (I am counting on American TV to make that idiom traslate to NZ."
.75 - Yes.
Candy - I know. He can go into any conversation: not getting out much, pathological lying, horses, dark rooms.
Caroline - Um, Keyser Sose. Now you say, "Who is Keyser Sose?
3 - Then, how do you know you were there?


I'm not sure that I was.


3 - really paying attention at those department meetings.


We had a department meeting?

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